We are now offering Database driven web sites!  Make your web presence dynamic as visitors can interact with the information your site can provide.  Databases are the way that you can take your Web site to the next level.

A database stores all your information, but it can be recalled and presented in small pieces to your web site visitors. Whether the information requested is a listing of currently "for sale" items in your inventory, answers to specific questions, or just textual content on a specific web page, the database handles the back-end creation, storage, and updating of that information.

One of the features of a database system is that it is very easy to update your Internet web page. By going to a special password protected page, the person that is in charge of updating the site can do it from any computer that has Internet access, providing that they know the password to gain access. New items can be added, changes can be made to prices and descriptions, items may be deleted when sold, new pictures can be added to the web page, detailed statistical information on visitors can be viewed, and more.

Visitors to your website will not find any difference between database driven pages and the rest of the site. We work to integrate the "look and feel" of the current site into the database driven sections, so there is a seamless continuity between the two. The benefit is that instead of just a static, brochure type site, there will now be a rich, interactive distribution of your information.





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