e-Commerce is the buzzword. Everyone is talking about it, usually in hushed tones as if they know something special that everyone else doesn't. Let's take the mystery out of it. e-Commerce is simply: "Selling via the Internet". That's all it is. 

We now provide e-commerce solutions. We tailor the solution to our client's needs. Whether you have a few items to sell or a few thousand, we can guide you through the options.

There are various levels of e-Commerce.  The simplest is a form which a client prints out and faxes back to you with their order.  You can expand this service so that the form that takes credit card information and securely emails or faxes you to let you know you have an order.  Your customer's credit card information is then retrieved via a secure site or encryption.

If you have more than a few items to sell, a shopping cart might be a more practical solution.  A shopping cart allows clients to choose multiple items before the final processing of their credit card information. The cart then notifies you of the order via email or fax and you retrieve the information via the cart's administrative interface.  Some shopping carts provide for the credit card information to be processed automatically by a third party so that all you have to do is ship the product.  Links to your inventory and shipping as well as your accounting system are easily provided.

Whether you are a small company or a middle-tier enterprise and you have products or services to sell to consumers or businesses, e-Commerce could be the answer to expanding your business.  We  will work with you to develop an e-Commerce solution that fits your unique business needs and performance expectations.






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