The essential elements of web design include color, content, and graphics. The proper placement of each of these elements is an important factor in whether or not a person surfing the web will stay on your page and see all you have to offer. You must present your company image and establish your product or service line as quickly and as simply as possible.

Bayfront Web Design has the experience in web page design and graphics creation to help you develop a lasting impression on the World Wide Web.  Graphics themselves can convey a lot about your business. They can even serve as link images to other pages within your site.

Innovative graphic design will enhance your site. Logo design, custom graphics, animated graphics, scanning, photo manipulation and clip-art are among the graphic services offered by Bayfront Web Design. We've implemented the latest in graphic design software and can create digital images that are optimized for web site applications.

Animated Graphics -  a series of still images shown in sequence. A small animated graphic with 'minimum frames' is quick to load and draws attention to a site or a particular link on your page. When done effectively these can be an interesting way for your site to be remembered.

JavaScript - a programming language that allows interactivity within a web page. We can implement JavaScript into a web page to perform simple or more extravagant effects. 

Clip art - an easy way to add images to your pages. Give us a description of the item desired (i.e. an airplane, an arrow, a map, or a stack of gold coins) and we will attempt to locate it in our collection.

Navigation buttons - another popular web graphic.  Buttons can add a little bit of "spice" to your site. Taking navigation buttons to the next level using JavaScript to animate the buttons can also add interest to your site.

Flash - a movie that allows you to create dynamic interactive web pages, graphics, ads, etc. for the World Wide Web. The sky is the limit for flash. Flash uses vector graphics to minimize the file size making animation available to anyone on the web.

Mouse Roll Over - images that change when the mouse is over them. Rollover Images are popular because they give the image a live feeling... they indicate that something will happen when you click on it. 

Don't just have a web presence, make an IMPACT on the web!!  Let Bayfront Web Design capture the essence of your business and broadcast it to the world.





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